IIFT GK Questions 2019 (Memory Based)

IIFT 2019 is done and dusted. We will talk about GK Part only.

Overall GK Section was moderate to tough. There were 7-8 Questions which were easily doable.

Total GK Questions: 20
Total Marks: 30
Per Question Marks: 1.5

Sectional Cutoff Predication: 4-6 marks

GKmojo Student’s Highest GK Score: 24 Marks

Questions from GKmojo IIFT Content: 12+

Here are all 20 GK Questions (Memory Based) asked in IIFT 2019-

1. Name the Sports brand, which Logo is based on animal of wild cat category?
A. Adidas
B. Nike
C. Reebok
D. Puma

Answer: PUMA

2. Match the following Soft Drinks Brands & their Parent companies:
Paper boat,- Hector beverages
Real Juice-Dabur
Minute Maid- Coca Cola

3. Udan scheme is launched which ministry?
A. Ministry of women and child affairs
B. Ministry of skill development
C. Ministry of Civil Aviation
D. Ministry of Home affairs

Answer: ‎Ministry of Civil Aviation (India)

4. ’83 biopic is based on which player?

Answer: Kapil Dev

5. Ramon Magsaysay award has not been given to which of the following?
A. Ravish kumar
B. Arvind Kejriwal
C. Kiran Bedi
D. CNR Rao

Answer: CNR Rao

6. Which country is not a member of BIMSTEC?
A. India
B. China
C. Myanmar
D. Bhutan

Answer: China

7. Which mission is planned to take 3 people crew to space India?

Answer: Gaganyaan

8. Name the Co-founder of Veg-Non-veg Brand, a multi-brand sneaker store in India?

Answer: Anand Ahuja

9. Match the Sea ports of 5 countries:
Antwerp port: Belgium
Jebel Ali port: UAE
Busan port: South Korea
Budapest: Hungary
Quanzhou port: China

10. Technical foul and flagrant foul terms is related to which game?

Answer: basketball

11. The venue of winter Olympics 2018?

Answer: Pyeongchang, South Korea

12. Who is the Forbes french richest person 2019?

Answer: French Bernard Arnault (CEO of LVMH)

13. match the festivals:
MP: Lokrang
Bahu Mela: Jammu & Kashmir
Skrenyi Festival: Nagaland
Shigmo: Goa

14. Name of an elevator proposed japan to transfer space shuttles to space?

Answer:space bridge or space elevator

15. What was the name of 2014 Hong Kong protests?

Answer: Umbrella movement

16. Maximum migrants from which country 2019? 
A. Mexico
B. China
C. India
D. Russia

Answer: India

17. which of the countries are the neighbours of Afghanistan?
A. Uzbekistan
B. Tajikistan 
C. China
D. Turkmenistan

Answer: All of these

18. Which company has launched India’s 1st ethanol based bike?
A. Honda
B. Bajaj
D. Hero

Answer: TVS

19. Adani group got which of the following airport to handle?
A. Nagpur,
B. Lucknow,
C. Hyderabad,
D. Banguluru

Answer: B. Lucknow

20. Gandhi Solar Park is inaugurated in capital region of which organization?
D. European Union

Answer: C. UN