December 8, 2019 GKmojo

Actual MICAT GK Questions 2019 (Memory Based)

MICAT I 2020 was held on December 7, 2019, 9 am to 11:50 am.

Overall, the MICAT- I matched the pattern and difficulty level of the last year’s MICATs – neither too easy nor too difficult, barring the normal peculiarities of the test.

The General Awareness was reported as difficult. In a major change from the previous years, the psychometric test consisted of 150 questions instead of 27 to 35 questions.

General Awareness section consisted of 25 questions. Out of the 25 questions, 7 were on National issues while 13 were on international topics. 5 questions were of miscellaneous types (logos, taglines etc.) Also, 18 questions were of static type while 7 were on current affairs. Overall, the section was more difficult than last year’s MICAT.

Memory Based Questions asked in MICAT 1 2019 (December 2019) exam:

  1. Who is appointed as the 1st lokpal of India?
    Answer: Pinaki Chandra Ghose

  2. 1982 RBI Governor?
    Answer: Manmohan Singh

  3. Founder of Dabur?
    Answer: SK Burman

  4. ‘The Bank that Begins with U’ is the tagline of? 
    Answer: United Bank of India

  5. Travel to East from India, Arrange cities from closest to farthest?
    Answer: Jakarta, Perth, Tokyo, Melbourne

  6. CEOs of Nike, Twitter, Intel & Qualcomm?
    Answer: Nike:Mark Parker
    Twitter:Jack Dorsey
    Intel: Bob Swan
    Qualcomm: Steven Mollenkopf

  7. West Indies is divided Caribbean sea and which ocean?
    Answer: Atlantic Ocean

  8. 4 LOGOs were given, found out which is not of a Petroleum Company?
    Answer: Petroleum companies were Essar, OICL, Dutch shell

  9. 4 name of Volcanoes were given, identify which one is not from Italy?
    Answer: Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius are from Italy

  10. Which of these not a crypto Currency?
    Answer: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Hypercash, Libra etc are crypto currencies

  11. Pulitzer awards belongs to which country?
    Answer: USA

  12. 3 Names were given, identify what they are?
    Answer: They were volcanoes

  13. Public company with seven stakeholders act?
    Answer: Company act 2013

  14. Sweden and Norway belongs to which group of countries?
    Answer: Scandinavian

  15. 4 advertising conglomerates-WPP, Omnicom, Publicis Groupe and Interpublic group of companies and their CEOs?
    Answer: WPP: Mark Read
    Omnicom: John Wren

    Publicis Groupe: Arthur Sadoun

  16. Which of the following do not belong to stone age?
    Monolithic, Neolithic, Paleolithic and Mesolithic
    Answer: Monolithic

  17. Which country do not have flag with a circle inside a rectangle?
    Answer: Japan, Brazil, Ethiopia, South Korea are few countries which have circle inside a rectangle in their flags

  18. American Players theatre belongs to
    Answer: Theatre communication group

  19. Basel III is related to 
    Answer: Reduce the risk in the banking system

  20. Which company does not belong to Denmark?
    Carlsberg, Electrolux, Maersk, Vestas
    Answer:  Electrolux (Sweden company)