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XAT Decision Making Course 2021

Fee: Rs. 300

Course Validity: Till XAT 2021 Exam

Decision Making is one of the four sections in the XAT 2021 exam.
Marks from Decision Making will be counted towards calculating the results and percentile for the XAT exam.
The Decision Making section in XAT comprises 20-25 questions. With a paper like XAT which doesn’t have a sectional time limit but has a sectional cutoff, it becomes crucial to maximize your speed so that you can spend sufficient time on your areas of weakness. Having said that, it is important for you to realise that Decision Making is, undoubtedly, the easiest section in XAT.

We bring to you one of the best content for Decision making. This course will help you to get good marks. This course will help you manifold. We will tell you how to approach DM Questions, How to mark the Best Possible answers etc.

Course Description:

1) Specialized course to help you crack Decision Making section!

2) Recorded Sessions focusing on DM for XAT 2021

3) 10+ Recorded Lectures

4) Solve previous year XAT Decision Making questions

5) Solved DM Questions PDFs

Contact Details:
For any query contact us at <> or ping us on whatsapp 9625199032