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Target RBI Grade B Phase 2 ESI Paper

Every year lakhs of students appear for RBI Grade B Exam.
The common doubt they face is, how to prepare for RBI Grade B Exam.

Here is the answer:

There are 3 Phases of RBI Grade B Exam. Phase 1, Phase 2 and PI.

Phase 2:  There are 3 papers in Phase 2.

  1. Paper 1: Economics and Social Issues (100 marks, MCQs based paper)

  2. Paper 2: Finance & Management (100 marks, MCQs based paper)

  3. Paper 3: English (100 marks, Type essay, precis writing and RC on computer screen)

Lets talk about Phase 2 Economic and social issues Paper here-

  • Economics– Ramesh Singh and Mishra Puri, Sanjiv Verma (For Revision or to Cover Economics in Less Time), Disha Economics Compendium(MCQ)
  • Social Issue-Summary Sheet, Census, Socio Economic Census etc.

Important Chapters of of the following books:-

A. Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh (9th Edition):
1. Introduction
2. Growth Development and happiness
6. Economic Reforms
7. Inflation and business cycle
11. Indian Financial Market
12. Banking in India (very important)
14. Securities market in India
15. External Sector in India
16. International Economic Organizationals (only general understanding)
17. Tax Structure (only direct tax and indirect tax)
18. Public Finance in India
19. Sustainability and climate change
20 Human Development in India
21. Burning Socio Economic issues
25. Economic Survey (study the concepts)
26. Union Budget (study the concepts)
B. Indian Economy – Mishra and Puri:
1. Economic Growth, Development and Underdevelopment
2. Economic and Human Development (very important)
3. The Environment and Development
10. Human resource development
12. Employment and unemployment in India
14. National Income
15. Poverty in India
16. Income distribution in India
26. Industrial Development during the Planning Period
29 Industrial Policy
34. Labour Relations and social security
36. Indian Foreign Trade
37. India’s Balance of Payments
40. India’s exchange rate policy
41. FERA & FEMA (only introduction)
42. Globalisation and its impact on Indian Economy
43. WTO and India
Part VI _ Money and Banking – study this complete
53. India’s Fiscal Policy
62. Economic Reforms and Liberalisation
Online Websites that you can follow:
  • IAS Parliament
  • PIB Website
  • Investopedia
  • Wikipedia
  • Search topics on Google 

2018 RBI Grade B Cut offs are:

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