RBI Grade B ESI Paper 2017

Here are Questions that were asked in rbi grade b phase 2 ESI Paper 2017..

There were in total 65 Questions. 
30 Questions 1 mark and 35 Questions 2 marks.
27 Qs OUT OF 30 from 1 mark, were from our ESI course,
and more than 75% 2 Marks Qs which had paragraphs were from our course. 

1 mark Questions:-
1) The ease of doing business index is created and monitored ?
2) The process which a customer owned mutual organization or co-operative changes legal form to a joint stock company is know as :- 
3) In the long term the 12th five year plan is being replaced with a?
4) The nodal ministry for implementation of MGNERGA is?
5) the FRBM Act, 2003 is an act of the parliament of India which aims at?….strengthening fiscal prudence
6) According to the recent “India development report” released the world bank in 2017, the participation of women in workforce in INDIA was found to be around?
7) The PM office has recently constituted the task force to suggest solutions for having timely & reliable employment data for policy making, the task force is headed ? 
8)Which of the following countries has recently (June 2017) ratified automatic exchange of financial account information with india and 40 other jurisdiction to facilitate immediate sharing of details about black money?
9) Economic globalization is one of the main dimensions of globalization commonly found in academic literature , it refers to the free movement of goods, services, information and …….? 
10) The FRBM committee 2016 which has recently submitted its report, was headed ?
11) According to the 2015 revision of the united nations report on  world population prospects, india is expected to surpass china to become the world’s most populous nation in? 
12) according to a recent global water report released in march 2017, the number of people living in rural india without access to clean water is around?
13) after it registered continuous losses since 2011-12 ,a  restructuring plan has recently (may 2017) been approved the CEA in  respect of  PS
14) India’s most crowded cities as per WEF?
15)% of rural household in India?
16) GDP
17)  India’s GDP Growth in 4th quarter 2016-17?
18) The modern concept of Sustainable development is derived mostly from the report of brundtland commission formerly know as the ?
19) Paris accord pull out state:  usa
20) FSDC Full form
21) DIPP works under
22) in 2000, IMF identified 4 basic aspects of globalization
23) asean summit 2017
24) BOP of a company includes
25) HDI is released
26) FDI proposals ministry : 60 days
27) GDP defination
28) Budget amount for dairy processing & infrastructure development fund?
29) report of OECD, % of young aged between 15 to 29 not in employment, education or train (NEETs) is estimated to be?
30) CAREC programme is a program established to encourage economic corporation in countries in central Asia region, it was established in 1997 ?

2 Marks Qs
1. RTI Mazdoor
2. RTI 2005
3. Mazdoor objectives
4. MPC-no reappointment
5. CPI 4+-2
6. Urjit
7.Jawahar rojagar targets
8. X scheme?
9. Which new scheme?
10 Gender gap 87
11. Schemes related to the issue
12 Maternity benefit
14 Aurangabad
15 Start up India
16 World Investment
18 NITI – agenda sectors
19 NITI period
20 FDI 60 days
22 countries of concern
23 CEZ
24 Adolescence RKSK
25 Saathiya app
26 OECD growth rate
27 Reforms referred OECD GST
28 NPA- investment
29 Start up India MSME
30 IIP-Compliance with int
31 IIP-work in progress
32 IIP-Food Index
33 Not among financial services
34 Gender inequality parameters
35 Gender inequality HDI rank

Well crafted, updated and cover all topics in very relevant and concise manner, 
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