RBI Grade B Phase 1 GA Paper 2017

There were 2 shifts for RBI Grade B Phase 1 Exam 2017,
In every shift, More than 80% Questions were from our RBI Grade B phase 1 GA Course. 

So we are sharing GK Questions that were asked in the exam shift wise..

Shift 1:-

  1. T-Wallet is launched which state : Telengana
  2. Full form of LAF: Liquidity Adjustment Facility
  3. Where is the head office of Capital Small Finance Bank : Jalandhar , Punjab
  4. Abu Dhabi is capital city of – United Arab Emirates
  5. Longest Bridge inaugurated Prime Minister in Assam on which river : Lohit River
  6. What is the currency of Maldives? : Rufiyaa
  7. Madrid is the capital of – Spain
  8. Two cities are granted UNESCO world heritage site for traffic – Mumbai & Delhi
  9. Actor Sir Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond, belongs to which country :United Kingdom
  10. What is the meaning of “D” in NSDL” : Depository
  11. G7 Summit 2017 was held in? : Sicily, Italy
  12. Alamatti dam is in which state ? Karnataka
  13. Which country is the biggest steel producing country, accounting for 50.3% of the world’s total steel production in 2015 :China
  14. Disha microfine got the license from RBI for which type of bank : Small Finance Bank(SFB)
  15. Where is Sonai Rupai Wildlife sanctuary: Assam
  16. What is C in CAP limit imposed RBI on banks – Corrective
  17. What does ‘L’ stands for in LAF? : Liquidity (Liquidity Adjustment Facility)
  18. HCL Asian junior championship held at which city :Pune , Maharastra
  19. MFI who are registered as NBFC regulated ? RBI
  20. State-owned Punjab National Bank has received USD 100 million (about Rs. 645 crores) as the first tranche from :Asian Development Bank
  21. Madrid is the capital city of which country : Spain
  22. What does ‘V’ stands for in LTV :Value (Loan to Value Ratio)
  23. Which Indian cricketer has been featured in ICC ODI top 10 rankings – Virat Kohli
  24. Ease of doing business ranking is launched which of the following :World Bank
  25. Dhola- sadiya bridge is on which river : Lohit River , Assam
  26. Bhimbetika rock shelter? : Madhya Pradesh
  27. Dalong village is recognized as Biodiversity Heritage site is in which state :Manipur
  28. Darwaja band camping launched which department :Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
  29. Question on E-Sanad: Ministry of External Affairs
  30. Ecb Regulation
  31. Punjab National Bank gets a fund of Rs. 500 crore for Solar Roof Top construction from – Asian Development Bank
  32. Mann ki baat book Preface is written :Rajesh Jain
  33. Which annual event observed on July 11 every year : World Population Day
  34. Dada Saheb Phalke award winning Actress : Priyanka Chopra
  35. Sponser of Indicash : Tata Communications
  36. Most densely populated Indian Cities :Mumbai and Kota
  37. Kps gill who passed away recently was a? :IPS Officer
  38. A7 aircraft brought from which country : United States
  39. Shivaji Sports Complex ,Balewadi stadium is located at which city : Pune , Maharastra
  40. Which one of the following is not money market instrument related question: STOCK Exchange
  41. 1st indian to climb everest 6 times :Love Raj Singh Dharmashaktu
  42. Max limit on BSBDA?
  43. Underwater rail tunnel on which River : Hooghly River , Between Hawra & Kolkata
  44. Gold Cheque limit – 20K
  45. Maximum limit of Payment Bank– Rs. 100,000
  46. Which is debt instruments? :Bonds
  47. The Indian who won gold medal in asain wrestling championship 2017 ? : Bajrang Punia
  48. What is India’s own GPS name? NAVIC
  49. Badminton player inducted into BWF : P V Sindhu
  50. Aparna Popat is related to which sport ? : Badminton
  51. Which organization is regulator of Credit Agencies : SEBI
  52. Credit gurantee fund for which scheme of PM : Micro , Small and Medium Enterprises
  53. What is the sex-ratio according to 2011 Census – 940 females per 1000 males
  54. Where is the headquarters of International Fertilizer Industry Association – Paris
  55. Bandokar Trophy is related to which sport : Football

Shift 2:-

  1. G-20 Summit 2017 held in which country  :Hamburg , Germany
  2. Currency of Kenya ?  : Shilling
  3. Berlin is the capital of which Country :Germany
  4. BSBDA stands for ? : Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
  5. Irani Cup is related to which sport  : Cricket
  6. Who won the title of Sudiraman Cup 2017 : South Korea
  7. Total transaction cash limit within one week in BSBDA Account – Rs.10000
  8. Derivative related questions
  9. Interest rate on Saving account of Paytm Bank : 4%
  10. Nomadic Elephant 2 Exercise between Armies of India and which Country :Mangolia
  11. International Ameteur Boxing Tournament 2017 venue : Hamburg ,Germany
  12. Gorakhpur Atomic Power Plant is proposed in which Indian State?  Fatehabad ,Haryana
  13. Uday Kotak belongs to which bank : Kotak Mahindra
  14. India’s GDP for fourth Quarter? 6.1%
  15. Which country opted out of the Paris Climate Convention : United States
  16. Headquarter of  City Union Bank Ltd. :Tamilnadu
  17. AIIMS in Assam to come up in which district :Kamrup District
  18. Insurance companies to be registered with which organization:IRDAI
  19. Second longest Indian Bridge in Bihar is buit on which river ? Ganges River
  20. First Indian Woman to climb Everest From China Side :Anita Kundu
  21. Full Form of MSF : Marginal Standing Facility
  22. In which state Srivenkateswara National Park is located : Andhra Pradesh
  23. NBFC Regulats under which act : Companies Act ,1956
  24. What is the minimum eligible amount under SAFAESI Act : Rs. 1 Lac
  25. Where is the headquarter of SCO : Beijing , China
  26. Where is Mattikettan Shola National Park : Kerela
  27. Which is India’s First Freight village : Varanasi
  28. Which Country started global T-20 league : South Africa
  29. What does ‘A’ stands for in CRAR : Asset
  30. Which MFI is converted in to a bank : Bandhan Bank
  31. Financial Literacy week from : 5th June to 9th June
  32. What is the theme of Tobacco day : A threat to development
  33. Which Risk is associated with lenders not being able to payback :Credit
  34. Leo Vardekar , who was recently in news is : Ireland PM
  35. Deep Ocean Mission is associated with which ministry : Ministry of Earth Sciences
  36. What is the lock in period for ELSS : 3 years
  37. SIP is related to : Mutual Funds
  38. Abdul Rahman who passed away recently was a : Tamil Singer
  39. July 17 is celebrated as : World day of International Justice
  40. What is the range of Prithvi-2 Missile : 350 Kms
  41. Headquarter of Nordic investment banK is in which country – Finland
  42. Alexander zverav belongs to which sports- tennis
  43. Dasari Narayana Rao who passed away recently was an – Film Director and Politician
  44. Puttanadu Festival- Tamil New year
  45. What is the full form of OVD – Officially Valid Documents.
  46. After merging with associates bank and Bhartiya Mahila Bank ,advance level of SBI reached to – rs. 18.50 lakh crore
  47. With which of the orgaization Amul is associated – ISRO
  48. Pakal dual dam is in which state- Jammu & Kashmir
  49. Where are Pandava Caves heritage sites are located – Nashik,Maharashtra
  50. As per amended bill , The definition of Start up has been changed to – 7 years
  51. What is regulated NHB  –Housing finance companies
  52. Amman is the capital of?- Jordan
  53. I in IDFC stands for-Infrastructure
  54. Kalinga cup associated with which sport –Football
  55. Mudra loan purpose- For financing small industries
  56. Solar panel Initial corpus –500M$
  57. One question abt forward contract
  58. Exit load is related to-
  59. Foreign minister of which country elected as president of UNGA- Slovakia
  60. Type of derivatives have payoff more complex than usual- Exotic derivatives
  61. Payment banks are prone to- Credit risk
  62. As per branch authorization policy 25 % branch should be in – Unbanked rural areas
  63. Hedge funds are similar to- Mutual funds
  64. Banks which do marketing- Investment banks
  65. IBBI deals with- Professional entitites
  66. Karlovy film festival in which country- Czech republic
  67. NAICS GPS which year – 2018
  68. First Indian bank with block chain technology- ICICI
  69. Where is headquarter of CUB- Tamlinadu
  70. Maximum denomination of Indian Coins : 1000
  71. Light year distance of a newly discovered planet- 40

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