RBI Grade B Phase 2 Economic and social issues paper 2016

Memory based Questions of ESI paper

Q1:  Who is the chief or president of NDB ( New Development Bank) ?
Ans:  K V Kamath

Q2:  National Mission for Green India?
Answer:  Options were regarding forest area cover

Q3:  Who is the author of Poor economics?
Answer: abhijit banerjee/ Esther Duflo

Q4:  Which fo the following is one of the objectives of NMP?
Answer:  Easing of regulatory norms

Q5: Which of the following things were not covered under bali trade agreement?
answer: emerging nations

Q6:  Measurement of GDP?

Q7: Urban Population and their share in GDP?
Answer:  30% and 65%

Q8: India’s rank in Global competitive index moved from 
Answer:  71 to 55

Q9:  What is not the feature of Payment Bank?
Answer: providing no credits to account holders

Q10:  Oder of formation of banking Institutions?

Q11:  Mudra Bank aims at?
Answer:  Loan to bottom pyramid entrepreneurs

Q12: World happiness index is prepared ?

Q13:  Question on PMJDY?

Q14: Who is the chairman of 14th FC?
Answer:  Y V Reddy

Q15: Who heads skill development council in NITI Aayog?

Q16: Question on constitution articles

Q17:  Which of the schemes are a part of PMJDY?

Q18:  Repo rate is related to

Q19: High fiscal deficit will result in?

Q20: Reproduction and child health programme objectives does not include?
Answer: nutrition

Q21: ICDS: what does it not cover?

Q22: IMD defines drought based on 
Answer: aridity index

Q23: Top 2 countries in FDI in India?

Q24:  SEBI merged with?
answer: FMC 

Q25: Who is the chairman od SEBI?

Q26: Question on small and medium scale enterprises?

Q27: Election of vice president

Q28:  Which of the following is a statutory body?

Q29:  HDI ranking in South Asia

Q30:  Ranking in Brics

Q31: MSME Development institute doesnt organizes?

Q32: Objective of FSA?

Q33:  commerical crops under FSA:NFSM:Commercial Crops
Answer: cotton, jute and sugarcane

Q34: Which of the following constitutes SDR?
answer: yen, euro, pound, Dollar

Q35: Which of the folowing reports are not published IMF?

Q36: Chinese Government decided to devalue their currency? Impact on India?

Q37: Least liquid is?
Answer: Real Estate

Q38:  CSR is?

Q39:  which of the following is not covered in GST Bill?
Answer: Petroleum 

Q40: Question on Fiscal Stability reports RBI?

Q41: Questions on Saving rate

Q42:  GDP value and another Question was on foreign reserves

Q43: RBI inflation on?

Q44: Full form of JAM and Question on Jan dhan yojana

Q45: India not a member of 
Answer: ASEAN

Q46:  14th Finance commission recommended increase share from 
Answer: 32% to 42%

Q47: Service sector contribution in GDP Growth rate?

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