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RBI GA Test 1

  • 1. Human Development Index report is published which world organization?
  • 2. Rial is the currency of which country?
  • 3. Koradi Thermal power plant is in which state?
  • 4. The International women’s day is celebrated on which date?
  • 5. Cairo is the capital of which country?
  • 6. Which country tops in the list of International Intellectual Property Index 2020?
  • 7. Salt Lake stadium is in which city?
  • 8. Lakshmi, the country’s first banking robot is helping which Bank transition towards a new self-service era?
  • 9. Which of the following retained its position as the top NGO of the world for the 5th consecutive year?
  • 10. ‘Adventures of a Daredevil Democrat’ is a comic book released on the life of which person?
  • 11. What is the F in FCCB?
  • 12. Who declares the Credit Policy of India?
  • 13. India’s First Madame Tussauds Museum opened In which city?
  • 14. SAUNI Project is associated with which state?
  • 15. Pt. Lacchu Maharaj is renowned for?
  • 16. Which committee was formed RBI to encourage the digitisation of payments and enhance financial inclusion through digitisation?
  • 17. Where is the headquarter of Allahabad Bank?
  • 18. 101th Constitutional Amendment Act is related to
  • 19. Who is the brand ambassador of Bank of Baroda?
  • 20. Which country is not part of BIMSTEC?

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