Vocabulary Words Part 1

Memorise these words, These words are repeatedly asked in exams.

Here is the Vocabulary words that will be helpful to an aspirant:-

  1. Abate– Collapse or lessen, make (something) less intense.

  2. Abdicate– Relinquish, Give up the powers (monarchs and royals).

  3. Apprise– To inform or notify, tell.

  4. Accede– Yielding to someone’s wish. Agree to a demand, request, or treaty.

  5. Amicable– Friendly, Cordial.

  6. Callous– Heartless or Uncaring, Cold-hearted.

  7. Celerity– Swiftness of movement, Speed. 

  8. Debase– Degrade or Devalue.

  9. Debonair– Confident and stylish, Urbane 

  10. Docile– Compliant or submissive, obedient.

  11. Deride– Ridicule, mock.

  12. Ebullient– cheerful and full of energy.

  13. Eccentric– Unconventional, freak.

  14. Elucidate– Explain, clarify.

  15. Evanescence– Vanish gradually from sight, Disappearance

  16. Fallacious– False or Incorrect, Flawed.

  17. Ferocious– Savage or cruel, fierce.

  18. Foible– Weakness, shortcoming, flaw.

  19. Grapple– Wrestle or struggle. Engage in a close fight without weapons.

  20. Halcyon– Serene or Pleasant or Calm.

  21. Hoodwink– Deceive or trick

  22. Hypercritical– Excessively critical

  23. Denizen– Inhabitant, native

  24. Innocuous– Innocent or Harmless

  25. Intrinsic– Inherent or essential

  26. Jeopardize– Endanger (someone/something)

  27. Judicious– Wise and sensible

  28. Juxtapose– Place something close together

  29. Capitulate– Surrender, make free. 

  30. Knighthood– Title or rank

  31. Lampoon– Sarcasm or criticizing publicly

  32. Ludicrous– Unreasonable or Absurd

  33. Mawkish– Over-sentimental, Over-emotional.

  34. Mettle– Spirit or determination

  35. Mundane– lacking interest or excitement; dull.

  36. Nascent– Being born

  37. Bellicose– Hostile, demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight.

  38. Novice– Beginner or Learner

  39. Occult-mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena.

  40. Onus– Burden or responsibility

  41. Penury– Extreme poverty

  42. Pertinent– Relevant, apposite

  43. Petulant– Childishly Bad-tempered, Peevish

  44. Repentance– Sincere regret, Sorrow

  45. Reverent– Deep Respect, Feeling or showing deep and solemn respect.

  46. Scribble– Write or Draw (something) carelessly or hurriedly

  47. Solace– Consolation, comfort, relieve

  48. Uproot– Pull out, take out

  49. Verbose– Wordy, Talkative 

  50. Abominable– Very hateful, Despicable